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"Goops Glops & Glam"™ Refillable Travel Skincare Bundle


Palette® Goops Glops & Glam™ Bundle includes:

  • One The Original High Fiver™ 
  • One Spatty x Palette® cosmetic spatula
  • One Wash Me Reuse Me™ reusable liquids bag 

The perfect on-the-go reusable and refillable beauty, skincare and travel set. Now you can fill all your favorite skincare, beauty, makeup, cosmetics & personal care products and go from full-size to on-the-go size in seconds

The skincare bff and game-changing problem-solving smart beauty tool you have been searching for your whole life

No more searching for and buying travel size skincare sets, skin care minis or leaving your favorite beauty products behind. A sustainable beauty and earth friendly alternative to single-use travel size and disposable beauty minis that don’t get recycled. And skipping those awkward travel bottles & containers that are impossible to fill or clean never felt so good!

Pays for itself in just a few uses by allowing you to use the products you already have and love. Save Money. Save Space. Reduce Beauty Waste. 


Spatty x Palette® cosmetic spatula

Spatty x Palette® custom limited edition cosmetic spatula will not only help you fill your Palette® The Original High Fiver with all your fav goops, glops and glam but will help you get all that precious product out of your containers. Washable and reusable, just like we like it. A staple for your makeup bag has joined the goops, glops, glam fam.


Palette® The Original High Fiver™ For all your goops, glops & glam

Now you can go from full-size to on-the-go size in seconds. 

Refillable, washable, reusable, game changing. This twice patented innovative smart beauty and travel tool lets you customize and bring all your favorite skincare, beauty and personal care products on-the-go, with no need for single-use travel size products, skincare minis, disposable skin care travel sets or awkward travel bottles and containers. Fill and organize your skincare and beauty routine in seconds. No more leaky bottles. Washes out like a dream. Fill, wash, rinse, repeat. Over and over again.

A total game-changer for sustainable beauty and earth friendly travel whether it’s in your makeup bag, travel kit, tote, gym bag, carry-on or checked luggage. Also a perfect addition to your MUA kit, and a superstar beauty tool both backstage and on-set. Simply fill, cap & go.

Woman Owned and Invented and Made in the USA with a tight footprint, recycled plastic and sustainable packaging. A product you love and one that loves our world right back.

A better way to pack your beauty and skincare is here!

Product info:

  • Holds liquids, oils, creams, gels and powders

  • Each well holds .17 oz of product
  • Washable + Reusable + Refillable
  • TSA Approved
  • Leak-resistant system

  • Squishy “press up” wells to get every last drop

  • Medical grade material in the wells
  • 30% or more recycled plastic in the white base

  • 7.5” long x 1” tall x 1.5” wide

  • Product Weighs 2.7 oz when empty
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Eliminates single-use waste

For more product design details go here.

Shipping to USA only. International sales coming soon.


Wash Me Reuse Me™ reusable liquids bag 

The perfect companion for taking the world’s first beauty reusable The Original High Fiver™ on the go.

Fill, pack and stack your High Fivers alongside other essentials into the Wash Me Reuse Me bag and you’re ready to fly!

Did you know that each reusable bag can replace hundreds of single-use disposable bags? Designed with Full Circle®, the Wash Me Reuse Me liquids bag is the reliable, reusable, versatile and sustainable storage solution you can feel good about using.

Product info:

  • Leak-proof, air-tight "lock" seal design
  • Reusable. Use, Wash, Rinse, Repeat
  • 8 1⁄2"× 7.0" (21.6 cm x 17.8 cm)
  • TSA Compliant. Meets the standard for TSA security
  • Reusable FDA-Grade EVA material. Free from BPA, BPS,
    BPF, PVC, Phthalates.

  • Responsibly made by Full Circle

  • Eliminates single-use waste

  • Plastic Neutral. Every ounce of plastic Full Circle® uses, they recover and recycle
    the same amount of plastic that would otherwise enter our oceans

A better way to pack your beauty is here!

Perfect to stash in your luggage, carry-on, tote, weekend travel kit, makeup bag, gym bag or even just to keep your skincare steps and skin care routine handy. Washable and reusable, this refillable and reusable beauty bundle is the skincare bff you have searching for your whole life! 


✓  The idea travel kit for all your goops, glops & glam!

✓  Go from full-size to on-the-go size in seconds.

✓  Whether it’s in your makeup bag or your MUA kit. Simply fill, cap & go.

✓  Refillable, washable, reusable, game-changing.

✓  The smart tool that brings your favorite beauty routines with you everywhere.

✓  No need for minis, travel bottles or containers.

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NOTE: Limited quantities available.


Made in the USA with a tight footprint, recycled plastic and sustainable packaging.