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Designed to fit in the world.


Designed with our innovative individualized press-up wells and leak resistant system, you can bring your products wherever you go.


The Original High Fiver is sized perfectly for travel and of course slides right through TSA.


We made this to fit your life… and your finger. Soft, pliable bottoms mean every drop, glop and pop gets used. The grippy bottom keeps it where you put it.


Designed to be washed with a mild gentle soap or detergent and hand-dried so it can easily be reused and reused over and over again.

We’re working on testing our product as dishwasher safe. Stay tuned.


We keep our carbon footprint tight. From packaging to the product, the Original High-Fiver is entirely made in the USA. This manufacturing philosophy guarantees high quality and keeps us in the know when sourcing materials.


We are passionate about reusing plastics and materials!

We work to use recycled plastic in our product. Due to availability, supply, and ensuring non-toxic and consistent-as-possible materials, your Palette™ The Original High Fiver may include anywhere from 30+% of recycled plastic in the white base.

Learn more about our manufacturing process >>


By supporting us, you are supporting a female-founded company trying to make the world a better place one product at a time.


From our mailers to our packaging we keep it eco-friendly. Soy inks, FSC Forest Friendly Certified and 100% Post Consumer Waste.


Set your sights on sustainability. Ditch single-use travel-sized products and use what you love, over and over again while taking single-use plastics out of the waste stream.

Living the custom life.

You love options. We’ve got options. You take your products and easily turn them into an instant, organized, customizable on-the-go travel tool.

Going to beach? Fill it with your fun in the sun favs.
Going to Vegas? Grab the primer and glitter.
Guys weekend? Aftershave and hair styling cream please.

Everyone needs a Palette.

Literally, if you have a face and you leave the house, The Original High Fiver Palette is for you.

Whether you have a beauty routine that involves double cleansing, exfoliators, serums, toners and multiple day to night creams or you are minimalist with just a few constant favs, everyone needs The Original High Fiver.

It's gender neutral, great for guys and gals and is the perfect thing to grab anytime you need a home away from home. Palette also makes the perfect gift.

Use what you love x 5.

No more using products on the go that you don't really like. No one likes searching for that sample or trial size of their fav products, or looking through the whole bathroom for a container to hodge-podge a way to shove them in a bag.

It's time to live on the road, in the sky, and in far away places just like you do at home.

Palette™️The Original High Fiver lets you use what you love and take your favorites without sacrifice.