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We are so happy you are here. Having you as part of our Palette®️ family means the world to us. Anddddddd you ask the best questions.

If you have additional questions you want answered here, let us know!

What are the High Fiver dimensions?

The Original High Fiver is 7.5” long x 1” tall x 1.5” wide (the length of a pencil). The High Fiver also weighs in at only 2.7 oz (1.3 oz less than a stick of butter) making it the compact lightweight smart beauty and travel tool of your dreams. The High Fiver’s sleek design also allows it to be packed and stacked on top of one another leaving space for all your other beauty, makeup and personal care essentials and allow you to avoid heavy and bulky containers and bottles in your makeup bag, toiletry bag, gym bag, tote, carry-on and luggage. 

How many ounces does each well hold? 

Each well holds .17 oz (~ 1 teaspoon) of product. The Original High Fiver version is twice patented and was invented, sized and designed for your skincare and beauty routines in mind. The wells are also designed to be the same size as the average single-use and disposable skincare travel size and “minis” on the market. 

I keep reading that the High Fiver holds more than you think, can you explain how much product fits inside each well?

Each well holds .17 oz (~ 1 teaspoon) of product. Please remember that a lot of full-size skin care, facial and beauty products are only around 1 oz. total and last 3-4 months. You wouldn’t want to take that amount with you for most of your activities on-the-go let alone vacations or trips! (And if you did need that much, you would likely bring the full-size with you as TSA allows 3.4 oz per container in carry-on luggage). For that reason we recommend being careful how much you load in the High Fiver. The amazing thing is you can customize and control the amount you fill and dispense into the High Fiver depending on how much you need. 

Our customers also love to use 2-3 High Fivers for their day and night skincare routines, beauty products and makeup as well as hair care! Mix, match, pack and stack accordingly. 

How many days of my skincare routine can the High Fiver hold? 

Get yourself a skincare bff! While the amount of skincare used daily varies per person and depends on many factors, on average customers tell us it holds at least 7+ days of their skincare and beauty routines. If using pea size amounts it is ~10-14+ days of skincare. Many customers tell us that it holds enough for a 10 day vacation and many even say it holds enough for a 2-3 week trip. 

Our customers also love buying multiple High Fivers: one for their day skincare routine + for their night skincare routine + beauty / makeup routine + hair care styling products. Using multiple High Fivers ensures you have all the products you want and enough of your products for 2-3+ weeks or more. For heavy use items like a liquid cleanser you can even fill two wells in one High Fiver for a longer trip if you prefer to use just one. 

What if I use a lot of products in both my day and night skincare routine?

Two High Fivers and the Spatty x Palette can make packing up your day and night skincare and beauty routines a snap. If you use a lot of multiple products in both your day and night routine - using two High Fivers (one for your daytime skincare routine / one for nighttime skincare routine) works amazing and holds a ton of skincare! It is the ultimate skincare organizer and skin care packing tool. And makes it super easy to line up your skincare steps in order of application for both routines: Steps 1,2,3,4,5! Using 2 or more High Fivers will give you more than enough skin care for a 2-3+ week trip. 

How does the High Fiver allow you to keep your skincare routine consistent while on-the-go?

The High Fiver is the smart skincare, beauty and travel tool you have been searching for your whole life. You have told us how important it is to keep your skincare consistent on the go and that you simply want to bring your favorite products with you. We also spend so much time and money curating our full-size skincare and beauty routines only to face a problem of taking our skincare and beauty routines on the go when we leave the house. In the past, the solution was searching for and buying disposable and single-use travel size skincare and mini beauty products. The concept of single-use travel-size products and toiletries especially for travel is expensive, outdated and wasteful. 

The High Fiver is sized and designed to hold skin care products, beauty products and personal care products and allows you to control the perfect portion of product to take with you whether it is for only one night or several weeks. It also supports a multi-step skincare and beauty routine and allows you to fill the High Fiver with your skincare in “steps'' or in the order you apply them. Each High Fiver can hold up to Five products. Many of our customers also love the High Fiver for the gym, after the beach or as a touch up tool as it keeps your skincare routine organized and in the steps you use them for application. Many have told us they love the organization so much they fill it to use on their countertops, for easy access in their makeup bag, purse, tote, gym bag and keep it in their car, at work and any situation on-the-go. 

What is the Spatty?

The Spatty x Palette is a reusable washable cosmetic spatula that allows you to fill, load, scoop and apply your skincare, makeup and beauty products on-the-go. We collaborated with Spatty to make a custom Spatty just for us and to give you all the tools you need to use a smart beauty and travel tool like The Original High Fiver. The Spatty is truly the High Fiver’s best friend and is the ying to its yang. Spatty also helps you get the last drop of your product out of the High Fiver as well as your full-size containers, bottles and products. This allows for less product waste and helps you clean out full-size bottles and containers for recycling. Spatty is a must-have in every makeup bag.

So I got my products in there, how do I get them out? 

Take the High Fiver and gently tip the product in the open well into your hand or dip into the High Fiver wells with clean fingertips. You can also use a clean Spatty x Palette cosmetic spatula to scoop and apply your way to skincare on-the-go. While clean fingers and hands work nicely to apply a lot of products, efficacious skincare products will benefit from using a clean Spatty cosmetic spatula to avoid product crossover during multi-day use and longer trips. The Spatty also works amazingly well for direct application of products temporarily stored in the High Fiver.

Does the High Fiver fit into a quart sized bag? 

While most of our #teamcarryon customers set the High Fiver sans bag straight in the bin, it does fit in a quart sized bag when needed for travel and leaves a lot of room for your other personal care essentials. We recommend using reusable liquids bags to avoid single-use waste to stay TSA compliant. 

We also teamed up with Full Circle®️ to bring you the clear Wash Me Reuse Me™️ reusable liquids bag as yet another sustainable swap for your beauty and travel routine. Pack and stack multiple High Fivers in the Wash Me Reuse Me™️ bag and you are ready to fly! Now you can skip the disposable travel size bottles and containers and the single-use quart sized baggies too. 

Is the High Fiver TSA approved / compliant? 

Yes! The TSA liquid rule allows each container to hold 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) for carry-on purposes for liquids, gels, creams and pastes. Our High Fiver holds ~.17 oz per well which is less than 1 oz overall and is well under the TSA guidelines. The Original High Fiver is the no-worry, stress-free packing solution to all your TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule baggage worries. 

What makes this a better solution than traditional travel bottles and containers?

First, the High Fiver is a first of its kind smart beauty tool and the world’s first beauty reusable designed to wash, refill and reuse so you can take your skincare routine and beauty routine from full-size to on-the-go size in seconds. Second, cheap bottles and containers, while they seem affordable at first, are not made well, and worse yet are very hard to use and remove product and even more difficult to clean. That means most people toss them after one use as they simply cannot get the product out and cannot get the container cleaned out. 

The design of most travel bottles and containers are also quite awkward for your skincare and beauty routine as they are often too big for the small amounts of multiple skincare products you need for even a longer trip. What travel container designers failed to realize in the past when designing containers for airplane travel and other adventures is that for skin care and beauty products, most people are using pea-sized or other small amounts. Worse yet, most beauty lovers find they overfill the larger bottles and containers and waste precious and expensive skin care and beauty products. If they did provide small containers for beauty products, they were tiny, hard to find and organize in your makeup bag and extremely difficult to fill and clean. 

As a total problem-solver, we designed and invented The Original High Fiver with a white base plate for easy handling and an all-in-one series of “squishy” medical grade wells that press up so you can get every last drop of your product out. Now you can go from full-size to on-the-go size in seconds. With our smart beauty tool, you are not wasting any product and can customize the amount of product you need with no risk of overfilling and losing precious products. And most importantly you can clean them out and store your High Fivers easily for the next use. 

How is using the High Fiver for airplane travel saving me time?

Packing for travel is so stressful. We are most often short on time and stressed out. As a result, we often don’t bring everything we need as we simply cannot find a quick and easy way to bring them with us. In the past, many people turned to disposable travel-size products at the last minute. However, using new products on the fly is risky and wastes time searching for and buying travel size skincare sets for travel. Our customers tell us that this solution does not work as they find it compromises their skin health caused breakouts, redness, dryness and even skin reactions as they are not using their regular products and consistent skincare routine. By having a washable, reusable and refillable smart beauty tool at your fingertips, you are using the skincare and beauty products you already have and love allowing you to go from full-size to on-the-go size in seconds. This in turn allows you to save money by not purchasing single-use travel size and minis all while eliminating beauty waste. And it gives you a simple, time-saving solution for packing your products. A better way to pack your beauty is here!

Do the squishy medical grade wells come out of the white base plate?

The High Fiver is an all-in-one smart beauty and travel tool designed to be washed, reused and refilled over and over again with your favorite “goops, glops & glam.”™️  The 5 medical grade wells are connected to the white base so you never lose track of your tiny containers again! No more searching at the bottom of your makeup bag and suitcase to locate and line up your skincare routine. With the High Fiver’s patented system - filling and dispensing your products has never been easier and literally takes only seconds. Plus the white base allows the squishy medical grade wells to press up so you can get every last drop of your product out.

How do I clean the High Fiver?

The High Fiver was designed to wash out easily after use and washes out like a dream. Hand wash with mild soap and water with fingers or soft cloth only. Store clean and dry in between use. Our medical grade material is unique and should be cleaned gently. No need to scrub at the medical grade material with a bristle brush, scrubber or other harsher cleaning instrument. It washes out easily and your products will rinse quickly away. If using as an MUA on set or if you have the unit in your professional makeup kit, a light alcohol wash of 70% isopropyl alcohol may also be used if desired as a disinfectant. 

PRO TIP:  Rinse and clean out empty wells while on the go. While keeping all caps on any “filled” wells securely tightened, simply uncap and clean out the empty well. Our leak-resistant system can be taken in the shower also keeping the contents of the other capped wells undisturbed. This way by time you get home your High Fiver is clean and ready to store away for next time. 

How does the High Fiver help you eliminate single-use beauty waste? 

There’s nothing pretty about beauty waste. Millions and millions of single-use and disposable travel size and minis are produced each year. Not only is the concept of single-use travel size outdated, it is very bad for the environment and not sustainable. What most people don’t know is that tiny plastics smaller than a credit card do not get recycled due to their small size. So what does this mean? That those tiny disposable plastics go straight to the landfill or worse yet into our oceans and waterways. This is why NY and CA have banned travel in hotels by 2025 and 2023! 

How does the High Fiver pay for itself in just a few uses? 

Save Money, Save Space, Reduce Beauty Waste! The concept of disposable travel-size products and toiletries for airplane travel is expensive, outdated and wasteful. The High Fiver pays for itself in just a few uses by allowing you to fill it over and over again with the products you already have and love all while saving money on buying disposable travel-size products. It is very common for skincare and beauty lovers to spend $35-50 - and even sometimes $100 - on disposable skincare sets and minis per trip from their favorite beauty retailer. Even less expensive travel size products from drug stores or mass retailers easily add up to $25+ or more. This is mind blowing considering you have the very best skincare products you already love and own. There is a reason you have spent so much time and money painstakingly curating your skincare routine already at home! By avoiding these costs, switching to a beauty reusable like The Original High Fiver pays for itself in just a few uses. 

Why do you ship in a paper tube? 

We believe in conscious ecommerce shipping and want to help you not only reduce single-use plastic waste with our products but reduce the excess use of cardboard boxes too! This way everyone can skip the box and any secondary packing materials that are traditionally sent in ecommerce orders.* Our paper tubes are also made of 88% PCW (post consumer waste) and are FSC Certified. As our product line grows, keep an eye out for more innovative packing and shipping solutions!

*Please note this may not apply to larger and bulk orders.

Why don’t you use magnets in your products? 

Magnets are bad for the environment and are not sustainable. First, magnets take a lot of energy to make and are made of rare earth elements e.g. non-renewable resources. Millions of tons of toxic waste is also produced during this process. Even more concerning, magnets are not recyclable and when encased in plastic they are hard to access, become trash and are discarded into our landfills. We choose materials carefully and magnets are on the “No-No List” for sustainable brands. 

Is the High Fiver leak-resistant?

Our patented High Fiver and medical grade well material creates a unique no more leaks system. Caps screwed on straight and snug to fit (but not overtightened) will avoid leaks. Easy peasy Palette® squeezy.

Pro tip: When you pour products out of the High Fiver wells (verses if you scoop product out with the Spatty cosmetic spatula), be sure to wipe the threads clean on the white base before screwing the cap back on. This will prevent small amounts of product from accumulating on the threads and giving you a “halo” of product residue under the cap on the white base. If you see this, your High Fiver is not leaking, it is simply a small amount of product residue left on the white base threads before capping. Wiping off the threads before recapping will avoid this.

Why do you use numbers on your caps?

We believe there is genius in simplicity when problem solving. The fact that our High Fiver utilizes a universal numbering system makes it the perfect product for use and gifting around the globe. We also chose permanent numbers for sustainability reasons on our High Fiver caps to avoid pesky removable labels, and to give you a washable and reusable tool and eliminate waste. We also love the numbers because we can load the High Fiver with our skincare steps in the order we use them. 1,2,3,4,5! Once you see how easy you can line up your skincare steps 1,2,3,4,5 you can see how genius it is. And because the wells are not detachable it’s easy to know what is in each well and which skincare step comes next. 

PRO TIP: Take a photo with your full-sized products behind the High Fiver and never forget what is what again. Also works great when using multiple High Fivers. 

How can I label the caps?

The numbers on our caps are universal and also allow you to swap the contents in the High Fiver depending on your “of the moment” skin needs, skincare routine, favorite products as well as the type of trip, excursion, event or occasion you are using it for. This way you are not “stuck” with an out of date label for a product or skincare step you no longer use. 

It also makes the High Fiver very versatile. One day you can use the High Fiver for a simple skincare routine at the gym, the next day you can fill it with beauty and makeup products for a touch up after work and the next day you can wash, refill and reuse it in your carry-on luggage for a weekend trip to Tulum and next for a week in your checked bag for Paris. It is infinitely reusable, refillable and customizable. All without changing one thing.

And yes we know some of you love a label … and we hear you. We strongly believe in waste reduction and that the simplicity in design of the High Fiver makes it so easy for you to identify your skincare steps and skincare products. At Palette®️ we are on a purpose-driven mission to make beauty reusable. Our customers also tell us in lieu of a label they line up their products behind the High Fiver and snap a photo. We will continue to innovate and bring you cutting edge earth-friendly solutions to your biggest beauty problems. The future of beauty is reusable! Have a suggestion? Email or DM us. We are also creating a VIP group for product testing and hope you will join us!

Do you have a discount code?

Yes! You asked and we listened. By enrolling in our email and sms lists you can receive 10% off your first purchase of $85 or more. 

When will you launch more products?

We are a small startup with big plans and we can’t wait to show you what we have planned next to make beauty reusable. We also love hearing from you about this. Please email us or dm us about the products you would like to see next!


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