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5 Reasons Why this Beauty + Travel Tool is on Everyone’s List

Here's why everyone is switching to the world’s first refillable beauty reusable, Palette®️ The Original High Fiver™️

1. Pack Your Beauty Easily!

1. Pack Your Beauty Easily!

We all have curated skincare, beauty and personal care routines we love. Better yet - our fave “goops, glops & glam”™️ are already sitting on our bathroom shelves, in our drawers and on our counters. We simply need an easy and simple way to take them on-the-go. The High Fiver was invented so you can pack your beauty easily in one lightweight easy-to-use washable, reusable and refillable beauty and travel tool.

2. Fill, Cap & Go - over and over again.

2. Fill, Cap & Go - over and over again.

With the High Fiver, go from full-size to on-the-go size in seconds. Simply take your fave beauty, skincare, makeup, cosmetics and personal care products and fill, cap & go! With five squishy medical grade wells in an all-in-one patented design, the High Fiver allows you to decant your favorite products quickly and easily in the perfect portions for every situation. Travel size. Modernized.

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3. Fill your High Fiver any way you like it!

3. Fill your High Fiver any way you like it!

Most full-size beauty and skincare products are 1 oz. making old school travel bottles and containers too big and bulky to take perfect portions of your skincare, beauty, makeup, cosmetics and hair styling products with you on the go. Stop wasting and throwing away unused product - or worse yet, leaving your fave products at home. Simply take what you need in your High Fiver. Easily customizable to the length and type of trip, you only need to dispense and fill the exact amount of product that you need. Mix & match or line up your products in order of your steps: 1-2-3-4-5. Get yourself a skincare bff!

4. Save Money. Save Space. Reduce Beauty Waste.

4. Save Money. Save Space. Reduce Beauty Waste.

No more searching for and buying single-use travel size and minis. The concept of single-use travel size is expensive, wasteful and outdated. What most people don’t know? Those tiny travel size and oh-so-cute “minis” don’t get recycled either. Now you can save money, save space and reduce your beauty waste by using a refillable, washable and reusable smart beauty tool. Feel good and look good all while doing good.

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5. Everyone Loves the High Fiver...

5. Everyone Loves the High Fiver...

From Gen Z to Gran Gran, everyone loves the High Fiver! And guess what? It holds more than you think! Most customers find that the High Fiver holds at least 2+ weeks of their favorite products and routines. Take a look at what people have been saying about the the world’s first beauty reusable:

“I purchased 2 and love them! My makeup bag for travel was always a disaster with having to pack so many different bottles or squirt product into several travel containers which ended up to be just as unorganized. I have been on 10-day trips and these hold enough product for my needs.”

- Audra T

“I bought 2 of these - 1 for my daytime skincare routine & 1 for my nighttime routine … I was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough of my products or that they would leak. No issues at all, and they fit perfectly into my toiletry bag. Highly recommend!”

- Sloan J.

“I love mine so much that I have 2!! Very nice quality and well designed. These are such space/weight savers when packing. I’ve bought them as gifts, too! ”

- Jennifer T

“I have and love it so much! I want to give this to everyone for travel.”

- Anuschka C

“Changed my travel life … excellent solution to my least favorite part of travel.”

- Joanna E

“I traveled to Hawaii for 10 days. It held enough of my night cream, firming lotion, daily face moisturizer, foundation, eye serum … it works!!”

- Laddy A

“Love mine. It easily holds 3 weeks worth of serum, day cream, night cream, eye cream, etc.”

- Suzanne C

“I am using this on a 10 day trip now. Surprised about how much it holds. Love this product!”

- Denise K.

Time to Get Away ✈️

Don't let your skincare routine go on vacation without you! Whether you're lounging by the pool or exploring a new city, our bestseller bundle is the perfect companion for any adventure. So pack your bags and your skincare essentials, and let's get ready to glow on the go!

The Original High Fiver™️ Best Seller Bundle includes:
  • Two (2) The Original High Fiver™
  • One (1) Spatty x Palette® cosmetic spatula
  • One (1) Wash Me Reuse Me™ reusable liquids bag

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